Diamond Wash Silk™

Our Silk Journey in China!

All our pieces are made from 100% Premium SILK fabrics which we called Diamond Wash Silk™. Click on the video opposite to see How Our Silk is Made!

The Silk Road

Silk fabric originated in China. At one stage silk was a more precious commodity than gold, hence it was called the Silk Road. The Silk Road stretched across Great Wall of China to the north west, all the way to the Takia Makan desert reaching towards Pamir mountains, crossing Afghanistan to the Levant, with a significant trading market in Damascus. For many centuries, silk was a safe kept secret in China before it caught the attention of other countries. If travelers were caught smuggling cocoons, eggs or silkworms, they would be given the death penalty.


NEVILLEE has spent well over 12 months developing our "Diamond Wash Silk™." After extensive prototyping, research and development, we have found the best manufacturers to partner with to produce the soft buttery hand-feel and visible lustre shimmer on our silk fabric collection.

Past Centuries

Many generations and centuries ago, silk fabric was produce via a very labour intensive process using man-made wooden weaving tools.

Silk cocoons

That will be spun into rolls of silk threads and put onto a machine ready to be woven into silk fabric.